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True Story with Ed and Randall is Truthfully a Must Watch

Everyday Americans sit down with Ed Helms and Randall Park to share their most extraordinary and unbelievable true stories as they are cinematically reenacted by top comedians and actors, giving regular people the biopics they deserve.

It’s one of those shows I had no idea I needed. This daily life full of Covid and talks of another world war can be so scary but I promise if you take some time to watch these stories told by the people who lived them(with hilarious reenactments by actors like Terry Crews, Maz Jobrani, Dexter Darden,Erik Griffin and so many more) you will connect again with what makes the human race so amazing. We are just that…a race…of humans… with similar experiences and a plethora of emotions and thoughts—the ability to sit and tell our stories to each other is Unique to us and just like music and art…storytelling has a way of healing.

Each story from the first to the last captivated my full attention, I cried when Yasmin, a Muslim immigrant in American high school during 9/11 beat all odds to win class President,

I laughed so hard but cheered when poor Ronald literally went through a professional escape to get to his prom and even the legendary Terry Bradshaw joined the fun to help tell the incredible story of an everyday man who snuck into the superbowl and had the best day ever!

“True Story with Ed and Randall” is streaming Right Now on Peacock Tv!


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