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"Time": A Couples Story of Love and Incarceration Premieres on Amazon Prime this Month

We've all experienced important phone call that just doesn't seem to lead you to the answers you need. Being placed on hold, told no, told to call back later. It can be so frustrating.

Now Imagine that call lasting for two decades.

Garrett Bradley's documentary "TIME" tells the story of Fox Rich — an entrepreneur, abolitionist and mother of six — who has spent the last 20 years fighting for the release of her husband Robert, serving a 60-year prison sentence. He's locked up for a robbery they both committed in the ’90s in what they call "a moment of desperation". The film (completely in Black and White) combines video diaries that Fox has recorded over the years along with footage from her life today and her fight to free her husband, hence those heartbreaking, disappointing phone calls.

If I could give one word to describe this documentary, that word would be RESILIENCE

Fox continued to show her strength and undying willingness to free her husband. In a recent zoom meeting with both Fox and Robert, I asked if there was ever a time where they wanted to give up, they answered with a resounding "HECK NO!"

The Rich's believe in their vows of marriage and this documentary proves that.




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