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Of course I've been watching "Wanda Vision" on Disney Plus!

I just screened episode 5 of Marvel's new series "WandaVision" and it just keeps getting better. People have asked why I haven't reviewed the show yet so here I am....letting you this series!

5 out of 5 hearts!

Episode 5 picks up after Wanda(Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) have given birth to twin boys. The pregnancy was unusually progressive and, once the boys arrive we find out they have the power to age as quickly as they want.

The big reveal kind of leads in from episode 4. "It's all Wanda" says SWORD agent Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) after being kicked out of WestView, the 'sitcom' town Wanda's created to avoid the reality of what is really happening post Avengers: Endgame.

In Episode 5, Rambeau and team focus on getting back into Westview. As I predicted, Vision is starting to realize nothing is as it seems and he even admits to Wanda that he is "scared" but she won't budge in explaining to him what is really going on.

A surprise ending for episode 5....Wanda's brother Pietro (aka QuickSilver) shows up at her doorstep!

"She recast Pietro"? asks Darcy Lewis(Kat Dennings), the astrophysicist who is helping the FBI, Rambeau and viewers figure out the meaning and technology behind Wanda's sitcom world.

The Pietro who arrives at the door in this episode is played by Evan Peters, whom you might remember as the version of the character in X-Men Days of Future Past, Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix. These weren't set in the MCU though. 🤔

I know this series is going to get darker and darker...juicier and juicier....and I can not wait!

Have you been watching WANDAVISION? What do you think so far?

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