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A ‘Lauren Loves It’ Update

My Dear readers and watchers,

SO much has happened over the last couple of years. I appreciate everyone for sticking with me during the consistent posts and those periods of super INconsistency

Let me explain…

In 2019 my father unexpectedly passed away. It was tough. But I knew he wouldn’t want that to deter me from continuing to thrive in life. I decided to move back to my home state after that and I’m glad I did because I met the love of my life less than a month before Covid changed the world as we all know it (and now what is all this monkey pox hoopla? Ugh. I digress…)

Alex and I had a short engagement before experiencing an amazing micro wedding in New Orleans June 2021

Fast forward to January 2022

You may have noticed I was anchoring a lifestyle show in northern Michigan. It was such a phenomenal experience where I was able to really sharpen my skills and talk about my favorite subject…MOVIES!

During that time, my husband and I were trying to have a baby but tests showed we were not going to conceive without help from science (ivf, iui)

So I took some time off to focus on family and treatments since Alex and I were living 3 hours apart. I needed to be back home with him to receive these treatments. But guess what y’all?! The week we were supposed to start our fertility injections…we found out we were pregnant naturally!!

My pregnancy has been eventful to say the least but I wake up every day with a grateful heart, knowing that we are witnessing and will be providers for a true miracle.

Baby Girl is due within the next month and I seriously can’t wait.

So I’ve been thinking….why not expand Lauren Loves It to focus on, not only film and TV but also lifestyle and family since that is what the majority of my world will consist of?

Stay tuned because we are revamping and rebranding but always sticking to the foundation of who I am and what I hope to spread…


We will have more posts, interviews and relevant information that I hope will keep you coming back for more and investing your time into this little tiny piece of the World Wide Web.




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