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3 Reasons Why Fox's 'Call Me Kat' Is FEEL GOOD Television

Call me Kat stars Mayim Bialik

In the landscape of Television, there has certainly been a shift over the years. The good ol' days of Warm-Hearted Sitcom Television oftentimes seems increasingly difficult to locate. It wasn't that long ago when networks like CBS, ABC, & NBC were creating some fantastic blocks of Television within the 8-10pm timeframe. Obviously, there are spaces where good-hearted programming exists, but it does seem few and far between. The boom within streaming services is certainly to attribute, but also one could say that it's the human experience that has been met with the trifecta of messy twitter rants, a divisive political climate, and a pushing-the-envelope programing model, which has nearly made Feel Good Television a thing of the past.

Jim Parsons & Mayim Bialik however, have certainly gotten in right with Fox's delightfully pleasant new series, 'Call Me Kat.' With Bialik as the lead, and Jim Parsons serving as an Executive Producer, the series set in Louisville, Kentucky follows the story of 39 year old Kat, who has recently opened up her own Cat-Themed Cafe. Based from the British Television Program, 'Miranda,' by Miranda Hart, 'Call Me Kat' was the perfect vehicle to reunite the creative success of Parsons & Bialik that was so wonderfully displayed on CBS's, 'Big Bang Theory.'

With several reasons to label this series as Feel-Good-Television, we are going to take a look at just 3 Reasons why Fox's 9pm Sitcom has all the potential in the world.


Mayim Bialik has been charming audiences for years, and while she's spent several seasons in the role of Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS's primetime powerhouse, 'Big Bang Theory,' she's also a perfect example of a child actor who has managed to attain career sustainability, originating her career with such works as 'Beaches' & 'Blossom.'

In the role of Kat on 'Call Me Kat' Bialik also does an incredible job at showcasing a 39 year old single woman who has found happiness outside society's typical standards. Balancing out the series is Kat's Mother, Sheila, played by notable actress, Swoosie Kurtz. The Mother-Daughter dynamic really ties the show together as Sheila is a character that displays love, but also a completely different set of values and goals. The series itself is the embodiment of the tagline, "Disappointing Her Mother Since 1982." This humorous element really shines light on choosing to live your life authentically and how the relationships around you may react. While Kat's main focus is to be happy, her Mother Sheila lovingly wants her to be happy amongst a different set of rules. It is the perfect push and pull relationship that both Bialik & Kurtz have seamlessly brought to the screen. An unintended benefit of the show is that Mayim Bialik herself has begun a Podcast called "Breakdown" where she shares stories with an esteemed list of colleagues in and around show business. Setting her Podcast apart if Mayim's wonderful storytelling and infusion with her own scholastic achievements. The Podcast is the perfect companion piece to fans of this delightfully hilarious series.


Leslie Jordan & Kyla Pratt are the dynamic duo that make up Kat's Cat Cafe staff, Phil & Randi.

Maintaining more of a familial energy, Phil & Randi are perfect for Kat's silly and creative personality. Acting as a complete support system to each other while also holding nothing back in terms of helping each other. Leslie Jordan became a breakout viral superstar over the 2020 quarantine and now audiences can see that and so much more in the role of Phil. Kyla, who also grew up in front of the camera, displays Randi as someone with a hunger for life, complete with fears and fierceness alike. With the three characters as the center point of the cafe, there is something very warm about the way they engage with each other. Oftentimes work environments can be challenging but every once in a while you strike gold, and Phil & Randi are certainly a pivotal piece of that puzzle.


Cheyenne Jackson has a highly decorated resume throughout Broadway, Music, & Television, which makes him the perfect love interest for Kat. In the role of Max, the neighborhood bartender is a great friend to Kat and her team, but oftentimes hasn't picked up on Kat's awkwardly odd attraction to him

Kat and Max are friendly, leaving audiences rooting for Kat while also maintaining some reality that this may never turn into nothing more than a friendship. Aside from Cheyenne & Mayim's wonderful chemistry on screen, the series 'Call Me Kat" is a refreshing look at the life of a woman who obviously has a crush, but is also not defining herself by the company of a man. On Television for both Men & Women it seems like a love interest is a sense of validation to the characters portrayed, what makes Kat so captivating is that she takes on everything with the same gusto. Sure, it'd be nice to see Kat in a relationship, but the viewing audience isn't dependent on it. Jackson who was acclaimed in the production of Xanadu is an openly gay actor who really does a fantastic job with the nuances of Max. In 2021 it's wonderful to see larger scope of gay roles, but also just as refreshing to take on a straight role and really give it the best foot forward. The multi-hyphenated Cheyenne Jackson is the perfect love interest, who not only is remarkably talented, but also, attractive just the same.

'Call Me Kat' is light-hearted series that feels really cheerful while emerging out of a challenged 2020. The series end-credits are accompanied by the cast waving to camera, giving the proper engagement to any sitcom superfan. This show isn't trying to be something that it's not, it isn't trying to compete in a "low attention-span" television landscape; however... it has simply chosen an idea, attained the best actors and crew for the job, and became yet another vehicle for Mayim Bialik to shine bright.

Call Me Kat airs at 9pm est. on Fox

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