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MOVIES To Watch with Dad

My dad hates going to the movies. He falls asleep every time (especially with those new recliners in theaters) and he just can’t... sit... still. BUT put him in front of a flat screen in the comfort of home and he will binge for hours! It’s weird but it works for him so I’ve learned to enjoy a good movie on the couch with dad as opposed to the experience of the cinema.

So,this year, like every Fathers Day, if we aren’t watching sports we will be watching movies.

Today I'm giving you my pick for the top 5 movies to watch with your dad on fathers day!

1. Jurassic Park (1993)

With Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom set to hit theaters on June 22nd, why not go back to where it all started.....

The original Jurassic Park had men, women and children alike shaking in their skivvies.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, featuring an all-star cast and a theme song we will never forget only scratches the surface of reasons why you and dad will truly enjoy a couple of hours with the raging Dino’s that introduced us to what is now a billion dollar franchise.

2. The Lion King (1994)

C'mon! We all know dads LOVE this movie! The battle of brother vs brother to rule a kingdom...there's murder and of course the story of a lion cub out to avenge his father's name.

The elements are all there plus one of the best Disney soundtracks of all time!

3. Daddy's Little Girls (2007)

No Madea here but this Tyler Perry film pulls at your heart strings while making you cheer outloud for the protaganist.

Idris Elba does an outstanding job as a struggling father of three adorable girls ( played by real-life sisters Lauryn, Sierra and Chyna McCLain).

Gabrielle Union plays a hard hitting lawyer who finds it in her very cold heart to help Monte save his kids from their irresponsible and violent mother.

Daddys little girls might put a tear in your own dads eye when he sees how one father will do whatever it takes for his children.

4. Taken(2008)

Speaking of a dad doing whatever it takes...No movie says "I will find my daughter by any means necessary" like the Liam Neeson hit, Taken. His daughter is abducted by a sex trafficking ring and he goes through hell and high water to make sure she has a safe return home.

5. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Hellooooooooo (in my best Mrs. Doubtfire voice)

The late Robin Williams blew audiences away when we saw him transform into a sweet but stern old lady who is hired to nanny his three children.

Although this film has its moments of sadness and experiencing the pain of divorce, it is a comedy and comedy it delivers!

Those are my top 5 choices of Movies to watch with dad and just for are 5 more!

6. Dirty Grandpa (2016)

But only if you aren't queezy around dad when watching raunchy stuff

7. Patton (1970)

Because it's my dad's favorite movie of all time

8. Scarface(1983)

Because it's every other man's favorite movie of all time

9. Logan(2017)

Because you can't go wrong with Wolverine

10. Remember the Titans(2000)

A football movie with dad? It's a no brainer :)

That's all for now loves

Comment below and let me know your favorite movies to watch on fathers day!

"Lauren Loves It" and her dad a loooong time ago :)

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