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Exclusive Film Release: HOLLERDAZE

I am honored to co host this virtual release of a new short film by 'Wet Foot Films'

Check out some info on the movie below and then watch it right here on Lauren Loves it!

Jose Navarros passion for self defense and martial arts stems from growing up in the rough 'little Haiti' neighborhood of Miami. He has always been an advocate for the empowerment and safety of women which inspired him to write and direct "holler daze"

In a time where the #metoo movement is going strong and men like Harvey Weinstein are finally being held accountable for their lewd acts against innocent women, "hollerdaze" will add to the important narrative many abused women now have.

"Holler daze" is set at a poetry night in Atlanta. The featured performer is "Kay" who will give a first hand account of life, tragedy and pain

Dive deep as you learn how jiu jitsu plays a pivotal role in Kay's claim to independence and justice

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